More or less what are the price ranges for a small kitchen?
At KF Kitchen Cabinets, we make an effort to provide top quality cabinets at affordable prices and within your budget.  Please inquire about rates.

Can you sell the materials wholesale and the buyer can just take care of the installation? I am shopping for a kitchen counter top. How much do you charge per sq.ft.?
We generally prefer to assemble the cabinets for our clients to ensure that our KF cabinets are perfect.  Our granite counter tops ranges from low to high depending on availability.  These granites are 1 1/4" thick with a straight edge. Please inquire about rates.

I am interested in redoing my kitchen.
A KF Kitchen planner worksheet is located in the "About Us" section.  Please provide a rough sketch and measurement of your current kitchen. 

                 Here are the questions you will need to answer: 
                 a.    What kind of living unit do you have?  House? Condo? Aprtment? Rent?
                 b.    What's the building requirements as far as renovation?  Permits? License? Insurance?
                 c.    What finish are you interested in?
                 d.    Are you planning to keep the current kitchen layout?
                 e.    What is your budget?
                  f.    Are you planning to use granite counter top? If so, what color?
                 g.    Do you need anyone to install the cabinets and counter for you?
                 h.    If possible, please provide some pictures of your current kitchen layout.
                  i.    If possible please provide address and contact information for reference.
Do you install also?
We have installation service available within the 5 boroughs.  Please inquire about location availibilty.

What kind of cabinet body do you carry?
KF cabinet interiors are solid plywood.  We do not use any compressed wood.

What kind of cabinet face?
KF cabinet face is solid wood.

Do you carry hardware for cabinets?
We currently do not carry cabinet hardware other than hinges.